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You can read chapters from Angie's work on Transformational Travel: A Path for Outer and Inner Journeys.

Transformational Travel Introduction

There are places in the world that, when visited at the right moment in life, become transforming.  They are more than vacation destinations; they serve as an emotional or spiritual bridge to another part of ourselves.  Whether a solo sojourn or bonding with loved ones, we seek out these magic places to create memories and movements in our lives.

There’s a movement afoot with transformative travel—articles, research, websites, travel groups, even a Transformational Travel Council.  It’s an exciting time where so many opportunities abound, and the world feels smaller and more accessible than ever.  But I encourage us to look beyond the cliché of transformative travel requiring exotic locations, spiritual meccas or feats of adventure and bravery.  I contend that ALL travel can be transformational and EVERY locale holds the possibility for metamorphosis.

Not all spiritual awakenings happen meditating on the mountain; some happen screaming on a roller coaster with your child or sipping pina coladas on the beach.  From the Himalayas to Disneyland, transformational travel spots are diverse and often surprising in what they can reveal.  To discover the sacred in the profane is most rewarding, so no destination is off-limits if it serves the right purpose at the right moment.  It only takes a little extra awareness to coax the inner work from our outer experience.












I grew up in a small town in Iowa but caught the travel bug early.  My father opened our eyes to exploring, and though we didn’t have much money, annual family vacations were prioritized, planned and saved for.  I naturally created these moments as often as I could in my adult life.  Looking back, I now realize how each trip was more than a memory in the scrapbook.  Each trip—either spontaneous or meticulously planned—served as a critical catalyst for that particular life stage.  It was a lovely past memory, as well as an exciting future movement, revealing a little more about myself and what I wanted in life.

These are the places and the experiences we will explore together.  You will read about some of my favorite transformational travels, then learn how to plan your own.

So grab your passport, your inner compass, and let’s hit the road!

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Chapters: Angie's Life Through Travel

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